Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Plutarch

Thursday, August 14, 2014

the Children need to be awaken inside us-- dedictaed to Childhood memories

Hello friends..

last two days I was busy searching topics inside my heart.. yes.. sometimes the child that lay hidden inside us need to be awakened.

lots of memories, dreams and fantasies, which we adults seldom recognize.. need to be cherished very often.. for our own good actually..

I was trying to just doodle with my Mungyo watercolour crayons and fine fineliners on 200 gsm papers..

I was literally astonished by seeing them.. and immense happiness and satisfaction.. I cannot describe,,

this one is dedicated to all the mushrooms in dreamt, colored and got inspired with..

though I am very scared of lizards... but thought let me make it little  funny and mischievous...

the next was for my love to scarecrows... I always find them funny and cute...

love autumn,,, its my favourite season... love fall colors. bright yellow, oranges and reds... with patches of green...

next one is dedicated to all the winter Christmas illustrations  that I have grew up with..

 in India.. winter is like spring in US and European countries... its nothing like this... but I fantasized and dreamed to experience such winter days...