Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Plutarch

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Art supplies for daily quick Ink and wash sketches


Its late afternoon and I had not drawn a single thing today.. but I have something else to share with you.. its about my art supplies for ink and wash daily journal. I am soo in love with them..

I had bought these a couple of months back, while researching about how to start my own ink and wash journals..

While watching YOU Tube Video of Diana Gessler and Cathy Johnson.. I have seen couple of things they used in their journals and got inspired, as a result I have started buying those staffs.. (whatever available online in India.) for me.

My complete Ink and wash supply at home.
here are the staffs,,,

now, if you want to exclude or include my wooden hair fork--which comes handy (for me of course) to pull back my unhealthy thin hair back into a bun-- others are really compact and useful supplies for loose ink and wash sketches.

  • One Water-soluble fine liner black - you can use Pilot or Staedtler or any other brand.. just for loose and soft initial sketches..
  • One waterproof fine liner - am using Staedtler 0.6 Pigment Liner for final works wherever necessary,, and of course for captions or stories related to my drawing..
  • Staedtler technical pencil... comes handy, when I am not so confident about how I will be drawing things correctly.. you know-- sometimes cheating can be forgiven... heehee
  • A water brush pen.. now these things are really handy and cool, you can even travel with them without much spillage and spoilage... This one came along with 24-Piece Sakura Koi Assorted Water Colours Field Sketch Set..
  • A water spray bottle - recycled of course from Aroma room freshener mist spray bottle..
  • A small water container- here it is Johnson and Johnson ear bud container- recycled and coloured..  
  • A small piece of sponge- for cleaning brush or some special effect
  • A small cut out of old Credit card- for scraping out colours or give special effect
  • Watercolour field sketch box-- customized for maximum variation of colours
and finally my home made Sketch Book--

don't know, whether was it a good idea or bad. I actually bought 6 sets of Brustro Watercolour Paper (7 x 10 inches) - 300 gsm (Pack of 2-each pack has 9 sheets) from snapdeal.com.-- they are quite good for stationary purchases..

I glued them together to give a shape of a compact sketchbook... but now the papers are coming out *sad eyes* ... but its still handy as long as I am using paper clips...

Now its time to tell tale about my customized watercolour box...

It is actually 24-Piece Koi Assorted Water Colours Field Sketch Set with brush.. it comes with 24 half pans, two sponges, one additional colour mixing palette and a very useful water brush pen. I added my own Daler Rowney 12 watercolour pocket half pans into it.. so now it has become 36 half pan set.. though there are duplications of colours.. but the brands are different so the color pigmentations are---and its ok with me.

as you can see the colours are vibrant..but Koi colours could be little chalky.

It is absolutely gorgeous for field sketches and must buy for sketchers... I will highly recommend them for travel sketching and leisure paintings.. if you want to go for serious painting.. please buy some artists grades from good brands like W & N cotman, Daler Rowney, Van gogh etc,,

that's all I have for my Ink and wash sketching.. which I usually carry at home, still trying to find that courage to bring it out in public... you know beginner's hesitation... but I do carry water soluble crayons and water brush for outdoor quick sketches... till than byeeeeee.... happy painting..