Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Plutarch

Monday, July 28, 2014

Peace of Mind---


A very good Monday afternoon to all.

Its all about the mood.. the same painting.. same arrangement, same place.. but its only the way we look at it..

I experienced it again today.. suddenly  I  found the right object for my today's journal

a closer look..

I made this sketch with waterproof 0.9 fine liner... a very satisfying composition

then I used the Koi half pan watercolour set... finished product came out quite neat...
a closer look may be...

a day well spent.. I must say... feeling very peaceful and happy really...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

heaps of cloths

Hello friends..

I thought, let me share my THE most lazy and disorganized nature with you all.. specially when it comes to organize my wardrobe...

I am very particular about organizing my art supplies and books though, but not my cloths and wardrobe.. that's the most painful household work for me.. believe me.. I enjoy heaving my cloths outside the closet... heheheee

yes, that's exactly how my cloth hangers and cloth stand look like...

 BTW.. I sketched them with a waterproof 0.2 fine liner and mungyo water soluble crayons - 36 assorted colours.

let me show you in details... these hangers were suppose to be inside of the closet behind.. but I am just fine to see them outside of the closet instead....

just next to it.. was a cloth drying stand.. which serve differently now days.. well of course I am too lazy to shift those dried cloths properly pressed and stored inside the wardrobe.. you can even see my hobo bag along with those cloths..

I know, I am shameless... and I will never be organized in my life, that's for sure too...

BTW... can you see my stand... its just hidden ... well under the cloths... hehheee. that's the question of the day.. can you find my poor steel cloth hanging rack???!!!... lolz.. !! wow... height of shamelessness..


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

its fun to sketch people secretly...


last week, we had a trip to local diagnostic centre for a routine check up.. 

before I hooked up with this journaling idea.. we used to visit such  places without much happy mood actually.. a trip to doctor's place is never a fun.. you should agree with me...reading old magazines.. staring at TV, cautiously observing at other people and their activities.. scent of medicines and sickness... all those things made the trip most unwelcome one...

but now I carry my small notebook with water brush pen and water soluble crayons and believe me friends .... I feel more relaxed.. even if I have to spend more than hours waiting for my turn to meet the doctor..

My new found interest make me more content..as I find it thrilling to sketch unknown people in public places.. without letting them know that they are being captured in my notebook forever... heeehheeeee...

I saw this aged gentleman in traditional Indian cloth (Dhoti and Kurta) was waiting outside the ultrasound department.. he was dozing off on a nearby chair...while I was sketching him.. as soon as I finished the sketching.. he left to meet his doctor.. I was lucky indeed to finish the  sketch just on time..

in another section of the same centre... It was world cup time ..... so that's how people spend their waiting time in diagnostic centres... I am no big football fan.. but sketching people watching football.. and that too while waiting for doctor's appointment was real fun to capture... couldn't resist....


Friday, July 4, 2014

a box of Crayola Crayons-- Its for my rainy days..

Hello Friends...

Poured a cup of hot sepia coffee in a wisteria flowered mug, dandelion sunshine spilling through the periwinkle sky. ~Terri Guillemets

Yesterday, I received my first ever --a box of Crayola Crayons--... yes... you read it right,... my first ever Crayola Crayons.. and I am going to be 34 years old in August this year... :)

I read a lot about these crayons lately and was very interested to buy atleast a set for my own rainy days...

It all started when I was just a kid.. I used to notice these yellow green crayon boxes in English movies or in TV dramas or picture books and couldn't avoid to notice it's intense and vibrant colors... and wanted all of them for me.. Badly... :(

it was my childhood dream to own a box of crayons.. in India, these Crayola crayons are new... our new generations are lucky to have them in their schoolbags, along with other famous brands...we were not so lucky then,,, we never had.. all what we got was very weak substitutes of these crayons.. those were made of lots of wax and less colors..

yesterday, I was as excited as a 5 years old would have been.. I got it through Amazon.in... they are  also new in India and quickly learning the trick to capture Indian market.. but they have local challenges.. their delivery was fine.. packet came totally intact..

courtesy: Amazon.in 

I smelled the wax.. yummm yummm.... and the first thing I did, was to swatch those beautiful happy colors on my sketchbook... heehee.. I made a list of 64 colors that I received in the box...

I loved the names... tumble weed, wild strawberry, purple mountain majesty, Granny smith apple, Robin egg's blue, asparagus and soo on... :D

yes, I know it looks childish.. but I thought it would be helpful for those, who wish to buy this big box of Crayola crayons.. and wonders what all colors they will find inside,,, this blog is of course not for them, who loves surprises..

I am going to use these colors to uplift my moods. whenever I feel lonely or sad..